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Polygraphic production department

Up to date “Evroflex” has the best printing equipment due to constant investments in technical innovations. In our production department there are the most modern equipment from Denmark and the Netherlands. "Evroflex" production departments are equipped with machines of brand companies DUPONT, MPS and NILPETER, technical characteristics of which do not have world analogues.
We annually introduce advanced technologies and supplement the technical base, which helps us to outstrip and form trends in the field of printing.


  • NILPETER printing flexo machine (Denmark)
  • Servo-driven printing flexo machines with digital control MPS EF 330. The design of the machines allows the installation of sections of hot or cold stamping, laminating, and also screen printing in any printed section.
  • The flexographic machine with digital control MPS EF 510. The most modern and productive printing machine that has no analogues in Russia. It has a lot of patented technological solutions that allow printing labels of any complexity with maximum performance.
  • Autoline equipment MARTIN AUTOMATIC. Provides non-stop printing machines. Completely eliminates down time equipment time associated with the replacement of material, and reduces defective work of fixing equipment to a minimum.