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Plate room

For the manufacture of printing form, we use the following equipment and materials:
  • Complex Cyrel 1000 from the company DUPONT
  • Materials for flexoforms from DUPONT, ASAHI, BASF, etc.
  • The DUPONT complex for the production of digital forms on the basis of the ESKO CDI Spark exhibitor with software designed specifically for flexoprint
  • The equipment of the company DUPONT with Cyrel Fast technology, intended for the accelerated production of digital forms
We produce high quality flexoforms on modern equipment.

Advantages of using digital forms:

  • Maximum quality, comparable with the level of offset printing
  • Replacing the old form with a new one in the minimum time
  • The ability to print labels with a high raster line
  • The best elaboration of thin fonts, fonts with small type size, reverses printing
  • High-quality reproduction of halftones
  • The high resolution of 4000 dpi allows using the micro font, which protects the product from counterfeits and guarantees exclusivity